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Our AdvantagesThrough multiple production processes, we strictly control every process


Provide customized sheet metal products for professional processing and production, assist customers in achieving faster conversion from drawings to products, and respond quickly.


We have a professional design team, combined with years of product experience, dedicated to meeting customer needs, providing professional advice and innovative design solutions.

Devote one's mind to

Focusing on sheet metal manufacturing, strictly regulating production standards, and empowering enterprises to develop with high quality.


We have a technical team composed of experienced sheet metal engineers, welding engineers, assembly engineers, mold engineers, equipment maintenance engineers, and testing engineers.

Quality control

Strict quality control of raw materials, thickness inspection of each sheet using a micrometer, strict procurement of accessories, and inspection of the size, function, and appearance of each accessory.

After Sales

We have a sincere and enthusiastic service attitude, relying on service, a commitment to shaking hands, and a heart to heart service.

EnvironmentThrough multiple production processes, we strictly control every process

About Us

Zhejiang Taite Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise mainly engaged in non-standard
customized precision sheet metal processing, and customizes various types of cabinets according to customer requirements.


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